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Changing the World on a PRN Basis

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Welcome to Barb Duffy Consulting LLC! Barb Duffy Consulting LLC provides speaking and online learning opportunities to improve patient outcomes, regulatory compliance, patient safety, and performance improvement in acute care settings.
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The Journey

This journey started with an attempt to consolidate all of the collected knowledge, references, information and links into one comprehensive place for use in teaching my classes. Very soon, and with the help of our tech friends, we put together, a knowledge base and repository for Healthcare Professionals world wide. Here we promote excellence and best practices in such areas as Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Infection Protection, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Policy and Procedure, and Staff Education. We believe synergy among these professional disciplines can change outcomes for patients and improve healthcare. The goal is to focus the vision, channel the collective wisdom, and align the efforts to improve the delivery of healthcare and health-related services for all.
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About Dr. Duffy

Dr. Barbara Duffy is a lifelong healthcare professional, starting her career as a critical care nurse. She is an RN, a certified professional in healthcare quality and licensed healthcare risk manager with degrees in Healthcare Education and Public Health. She attained a Doctorate in Health Science from Nova Southeastern University. After serving several hospital systems in Florida in performance improvement, regulatory compliance, patient safety and other critical areas, Dr. Duffy made the decision to take her extensive knowledge and unquestionable passion "on the road," teaching healthcare topics for four colleges and universities. She has assembled a cadre of experts to help tackle a multitude of healthcare issues.
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How Can We Help?

If we can be of assistance in helping you with your specific needs, please feel free to call or email. Not every issue or problem requires an extensive site visit, travel and such - with electronic communication, there are many times when we can extend our helping hand with video conferencing and electronic document transfer. We are small to keep your costs low, but Barb Duffy Consulting LLC does pack quite a punch.

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